3-4 players, 40 minutes. When I start to design this game, I set the following principles for myself: Use dice. Dice as a great representative for chance is something every game designer should try to understand. Players number must be more than 2. The complexity of designing an multiple players game (at least three) is far more…

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5-8 players, 40 minutes. Oceania is a mafia game with highly story components. Derive from the world in George Orwell’s Nineteen Eighty-Four, I express that “utopia” society by mechanics and stories underlying them. Originally, when playing mafia game, people pay less attention to the story part of them. Since the bluffing is the critical fun of…

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COMBOlism (Card Game)

COMBOlism is a card game I created in Oct. and Nov. 2014. During the development, I learn followings design skills: Iterative Design. My game grows from a simple and naive card game into a well-designed card game by modification and adjustment. Also, I maintain design documents through the whole design process. Playtest. I playtested my card game with different…

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Tabletop Hopscotch

2 players, 15 minutes. Inspired by Hopscotch, I want to design a boardgame simulate it. Reference: Backgammon, Hopscotch Target: Introduce people into boardgame world Problem to solve: Portable version Combine luck with strategy interactions between players Complete Design Document Tabletop Hopscotch It is a 2 players boardgame using a regular set of Poker cards to…

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Samurai in Meditation

Samurai in Meditation is a duel card game. In this game, I focus more on creating the experience. Balanced system is one of the fundamentals. However, attracting theme and good interests curve also contribute to the immersive experience. This is a game player play card represents samurai combats in Japanese Sengoku period. And meditation is…

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