3-4 players, 40 minutes.

When I start to design this game, I set the following principles for myself:

  1. Use dice. Dice as a great representative for chance is something every game designer should try to understand.
  2. Players number must be more than 2. The complexity of designing an multiple players game (at least three) is far more than two players. So I should try it to learn more.

With the above constraints, I gradually come up with an idea about collections.

General Description

You are world famous collectors. In this game, you are responsible for gathering collections for your own new estate from the world market by using your own resources.

The basic elements in the game are resources, collection cards, estates, and center market. The game is run by rounds. In each round, there are three stages: 1. Market update, where the available collections change; 2. Action, where players compete for collections; 3. Resources redistribution, where resources are redistributed according to investments. The game ends when one of the players fill all 9 slots in the estate.

Collectors Rulebook

Collectors Design Document

Card List Document



The game is inspired by Razzia. The high level concept is similar. But during the development mechanics and theme went to different ways. In this game, a real-time bidding mechanic is innovative and. Building board with bonus system is kind of innovative.


The game is truly fun to the player who wins. And it is fun when there is a well-matched conflicts. But players will lose control to the final results and feel hopeless when lack of lucks. Also, the rules is complex and not intuitive which diminishes fun.


The theme is about collections which greatly matches the core mechanic. Buildings, bidding, resources, and combos all contribute to this. Finally, it creates an immersive experience as a collector.


Playing time is always 20+ minutes. And rules are complex. So one of the biggest problem when doing iteration is playtesting. Moreover, because the game is big, players can hardly give similar opinions towards it. It increase my difficulty on making design decisions. Fortunately, I gradually find a more effective way to playtesting – determine your focuses before playtesting. It will help you gather more effective information from playtesting.

Retailing target

Boardgame players and tablet users. Especially introducing female players since the concept might be more intriguing for them compared to combat theme. So before publish, a professional art and graphic design need to be done. And a tablet app version of game need to be done.


Full card list

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