5-8 players, 40 minutes.

Oceania is a mafia game with highly story components. Derive from the world in George Orwell’s Nineteen Eighty-Four, I express that “utopia” society by mechanics and stories underlying them.

Originally, when playing mafia game, people pay less attention to the story part of them. Since the bluffing is the critical fun of them. However, in Oceania, story helps a lot of explaining the notions of the game at the tutorial. Also, the events work mechanically and immersively. Players truly experience a lot of ideas and notions in Nineteen Eighty-Four. Generally, players begin with curiosity and end up with excitement and reflection.

Rulebook for Oceania

Things work well

  1. Event system works effectively on mechanics and story.
  2. Background story helps understanding the world.
  3. Thoughts system is innovative.
  4. High replayability since random and generative contents.
  5. Interactions between players from behaviors and mentality are juicy.

Things work poorly and possible improvements

  1. Action card system need more polish. –> That is a bad design. I should definitely redo it.
  2. Whole experience is hard to control precisely. –> Playtest more to understand it.
  3. World can be more attractive. –> add more supplementary story and art assets.
  4. Turns turn to be repetitive. –> Add more variations, such as events and actions.
Interests Curve for Oceania
Interests Curve for Oceania
Card Overview
Card Overview

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