Samurai in Meditation is a duel card game. In this game, I focus more on creating the experience. Balanced system is one of the fundamentals. However, attracting theme and good interests curve also contribute to the immersive experience. This is a game player play card represents samurai combats in Japanese Sengoku period. And meditation is a original point which adds anticipation and surprise into this game.


  1. Japanese Sengoku period
  2. Combating with different weapons
  3. Characters from different clans


  1. Immersive and engaging combat
  2. Exciting duel at the end
  3. Surprise with Meditation
  4. Characters with unique features


  1. Hands & risks management, which card I should play? Should I risk losing defense ability to attack?
  2. Anticipation of the opponent, which suit I should meditate based on the former behavior and current situation?
  3. Long-term strategy, should I try to kill the opponent at any cost before the final duel or waiting for the final duel?

Samurai in Meditation Rules

Samurai in Meditation Design Docs

Screenshot are coming soon.