1 player, 10 minutes.

Tiny Farm is a small and fast-paced single player game. It is a paper-based version which can be considered as a prototype for an app in tablets.

Life becomes more and more fast-paced. A lot of casual games on mobile is developed to fit players entertainment requirements in a limited time pieces, such as in transportation or in a short break. The most successful example is Candy Crush. The game in Candy Crush can be stopped at any moment they want since it is a turn-based single player game. Moreover, decision-making in the the game do not highly connected with the former states so it is easy to get back even the player stop in the middle.

However, Candy Crush is too simple and randomly for strategic players as me. So Tiny Farm is made for the strategic players’ requirement of short-term entertainment.

Tiny Farm Design Document

Target Audience

Strategic players with a short time entertainment requirements. The cake for these players are definitely smaller compared to everyone. However, there is few products on the market which are designed to these players. So it is still profitable.

General information

Single player, 5 minutes for each game.

Important Features

  1. Do not require Internet constantly.
  2. Single Player
  3. Turn-based
  4. Decision-making without high dependency on former turns
  5. Replayable (Random content)
  6. Extendable (Achievements/Unlocks)
  7. Strategic playing

Potential Monetization

  1. Purchase when downloading
  2. Purchase new featured cards
  3. Building a virtual farm in the game
  4. Buy more life to continue playing


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