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Emotionshop – Emotions & Mechanics

Emotionshop is a project at Carnegie Mellon University’s Entertainment Technology Center with the goal of exploring how game mechanics evoke emotions. Like our predecessor, the Experimental Gameplay Project, our team of five prototypes as many games as possible, with each person making one game in 7 to 9 days centered around an emotional theme. So…

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Cave Interactive

CAVE, in the ETC, is a three walled front projection space that allows the user to be surrounded by the experience. Our team is a group of 7 students from the Entertainment Technology Center of Carnegie Mellon University. We are dedicated to exploring interactive design and gameplay in the Cave. Our final product will be a Cave experience…

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Penguinvania (BVW Festival)

  Penguinvania is a four players party game using PSMove created in our 6 people team in BVW Round 5. The player controls a penguin, sliding on the ice and collecting fish to win by the highest scores. This game is for BVW Festival, so it need to amuse both players and audience. To achieve this, we…

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Lonely Trek (Global Game Jam 2015)

Lonely Trek is a real-time survival game created in Global Game Jam 2015. A spaceship is at millions light-year away from Earth. They want to go back to Earth. So the journey starts. To successfully arrive Earth safely, you need to collect three different resources during travelling by landing on different planets. When travelling in…

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Pizza4u is a 4 players cooperation game using Jam-O-Drum created in our 4 people team in BVW Round 3. 4 players work together to cook pizzas. Players need to press button to keep the fire from extinguishing. At the same time, they need to match their own topping selections with the center requirements. The most interesting core…

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Part-time Santa

Part-time Santa

Part-time Santa is a single player casual game using Oculus and PSMove created by our 5 people team in BVW Round 2. The player acts as a Santa Claus, throwing gift to the children in the house. In this game, one main requirement is indirectly controlling the player’s behavior. We achieve this by using house as an attraction…

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Dreamsomnia is a two players platform game using Kinect created by our 5 people team. Players act as the boy’s gone parents helping the boy escape from his nightmare. Players can create meaningful objects by their body gestures — brick wall to block the monster, bridge to fill the gap, box as a step, and bomb…

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2500 is a single player adventure game using Leap Motion by our 5 people team in BVW Round 4. This game focuses on telling a story, so all the gameplay serves to our compelling story that a boy who lives in a mechanical sky city takes an adventure coming back to earth and grab a…

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