Dreamsomnia is a two players platform game using Kinect created by our 5 people team. Players act as the boy’s gone parents helping the boy escape from his nightmare. Players can create meaningful objects by their body gestures — brick wall to block the monster, bridge to fill the gap, box as a step, and bomb to destroy obstacles. Some gestures need 2 players to cooperate with each other to create.

Design features: Scrriblenauts is an amazing game. However, language some how become an obstacle and spelling is annoying sometimes. So we want to improve that idea to produce a creation game requires instincts instead of language. So in Dreamsomnia objects are created by intuitive body gestures. As complement of time and assignment requirements, this game finally becomes a platform game by creating limited objects.

Dreamsomnia Design Docs

My contributions: Maintain design docs, propose game concept, gesture-object-effect pairs design, level design, Kinect programming, gameplay programming, special effect programming.

What I learned: Basic knowledge of Unity 3D; Reusing of art assets help to create a united world efficiently; Indirectly interactions make game thoughtful.

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