Lonely Trek is a real-time survival game created in Global Game Jam 2015. A spaceship is at millions light-year away from Earth. They want to go back to Earth. So the journey starts. To successfully arrive Earth safely, you need to collect three different resources during travelling by landing on different planets. When travelling in the space, pay attention on your route and be careful to the dangerous black-holes.

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We all love survival games. But most survival games, like Don’t Starve or Banished, strengthen too much on strategy and management. So we want to create a survival game which is¬†fast-pace and casual. Here Lonely Trek born.

Resource System

Fuel (Energy)

Fuel (Energy) is the significant resource for travelling in the space. So when spaceship is in the space it consumed with 3 multiple rate than usual.



Oxygen is the resource support human being in spaceship. So when spaceship landed on planets human pilots are awake for manipulating, and the consuming rate will be 3 times than other situations.


Our spaceship is made by crystal, so during landing, the spaceship will be slight damaged depends on the planet surfaces. So crystal will only be consumed during landing.

A good understanding for the resources system can help you lot in the journey. And, of course, all the resources have a maximum capacity when collecting. For further development, an upgrade system should be added to increase more variety to the game. All these upgrading should also be collected on planets instead of a extra phase to decide so that the game can keep the fast pace.

Map Design

The positions of planets are designed intentionally. By designing it, we make sure players have a good interests curve. The game starts easy at the beginning and gradually become difficult. Generally, there are three main way in the game. The easier, the longer. So if you want to get Earth quicker, you have to be at more risks. And each road have some important moments which you are more likely to consuming up one of the resources.

Map Drafts on papers
Map Drafts on papers
Final Maps on Excel
Final Maps on Excel
Planets Map in Unity
Planets Map in Unity


Design & SFX: Qiaochu (Mac) Li

Lead Programming: Kanglei Fang, Feiran Wang

Art: Wenyu Jiang

My Contribution

Design Gameplay, Resources System, and Map. Programming minor parts.

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