Pizza4u is a 4 players cooperation game using Jam-O-Drum created in our 4 people team in BVW Round 3. 4 players work together to cook pizzas. Players need to press button to keep the fire from extinguishing. At the same time, they need to match their own topping selections with the center requirements. The most interesting core of this game is that players have to communicate with others to make sure their topping selections meet the requirement during busy pressing.

Design features: The initial of idea of this game is to design a cooperation game for ice-breaking and team-building game. To achieve this, we propose a topping match and fire control mechanic which requires cooperation. There are 3 kinds of communication are encouraged which are all critical in teamwork:

  1. (Reminding) Player need to contribute to a same fire by pressing button. They have to remind others to doing so if they forget because of focusing on selection.
  2. (Assigning) Players need to use their own selections to form the center requirements (four kinds). They have to communicate to make sure do not match to the same topping.
  3. (Adjusting) Players sometimes do not have every selection of the center requirements. They have to communicate when this situation happen to adjust their own assignment.

Pizza4u Design Docs

My contributions: Gameplay mechanism design, gameplay programming, apply randomized contents generating algorithms.

What I learned: Strategic mechanism is always fun. Randomness is exciting and re-playable. Keeping player doing something assures engagement whatever it is meaningful or not.

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