Buddies – Hurt

Buddies is an experimental game based on betrayal. It tries to evoke the emotion of hurt. In Buddies, players control two box-like character to overcome difficulties collaboratively. However, the relationship between them gradually changes. Play Buddies Here

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Born – Daring

Born tells a life about a tiny mysterious creature. The basic emotion is daring. The principle in every scene is “Be brave, Go futher”. I try to express this principle from different scenes and interactions which are all very basic. Play Born Here

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Carnival Host – Shame

Carnival Host is a game about a carnival game host and his dreams. It is created in our project, Emotionshop. The inspired emotion in this game is Shame. In Carnival Host, I put two completely different gameplay experience in it and make the player switch between them.  It is inspired by Hard-Boiled Wonderland and the…

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Human Lab – Gloating

Human Lab is an experimental digital toy which is created in Emotionshop at the second week. The theme is Gloating. In this toy, I give the players total freedom (not really due to time limitation of 1 week development) on combining and doing experiments on body parts. By creating funny human-like creatures. The player are satisfied…

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Transition – Serene

Transition is an experimental game experience which is created in Emotionshop at the first week. The theme is Serenity. In Transition, I try two features which may evoke it: A transition from a dynamic and dangerous environment to a static and beautiful scene. Mechanics to slow down the gameplay, including close eyes, hold keys, waiting. Play Transition

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