PlayHard (LudumDare 34)

PlayHard starts from the idea and trend that using a game to critic video games. PlayHard reflects a daily life cycle: work, go back home, play games, sleep. It aims to create a feeling of boring and repeating. Work and play are represented by two different mini games, using several attributions to connect them. It enjoys the…

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Vocal Power (Ludum Dare 32)

Vocal Power is created in Ludum Dare 32 Compo in 48 hours. The theme is “An unconventional weapon”. The game is based on an innovative concept of speech simulation. The art of speech is the powerful weapon in daily life. Vocal Power enjoys minimized control. Gameplay uses one button. By holding and releasing SPACE at…

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Hazard Lab (Ludum Dare 31)

Hazard Lab is from Ludum Dare 31 compo. I create it in 48 hours in that online game jam. It is a single player chemical casual game. The theme of Ludum Dare 31 is “Entire Game on One Screen”. Players synthesis their unique molecule for creating different kinds of fuels. Rules are simple: when same color…

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Duality is a turn-based 2 players chess-like game on PC created by myself in BVW Round 0. Each player controls a particle navigate on the grid board and try to kill the opponent. The core mechanic is inspired by the famous Physics Theory, Particle-Wave Duality. Player can never reveal all the information of the opponent…

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