Duality is a turn-based 2 players chess-like game on PC created by myself in BVW Round 0. Each player controls a particle navigate on the grid board and try to kill the opponent. The core mechanic is inspired by the famous Physics Theory, Particle-Wave Duality. Player can never reveal all the information of the opponent particle. However, they need to try their best to kill the opponent based on their incomplete information.

Design Features: It is a boardgame, but it is not a boardgame. It is a boardgame because it is a turn-based dual game on a small chessboard. However, the core mechanic makes this game can never be applied to a real board because player do not shared the same dynamic information of the board.

I create this prototype based on the thought whether digital game is more advanced than boardgame? One possible answer to this is to create a traditional type of digitized boardgame with some features can only be applied on digital version.

Specifically, particle can change the size during the game. Only bigger size particle can eat the smaller. As complement, smaller size particle move faster. Enjoy it.

Playable Version – Duality



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