Derived from Sukritact’s Events and Decisions. This mod creates 6 events to balance the strength between different players which makes every player keep competitive during the entire game.

Why this mod?

  1. During playing Civ5, I find it is boring if you develop very well at the beginning and exceed your opponents on every aspect which will leads to the rest of game become junk time.
  2. An interesting design in Civ BE is the decision system in certain point of your civ. However, because of the certainty, players have anticipations on them which eliminate the surprise when it appears.
  3. Faith is a new resources similar with Gold added since Civ5 GK . However, I feel it is not fully used during the game. Mostly, I always ignore it and let produce Great Prophet automatically. So I want to use faith as a defensive resourse which is more effective on diminish disasters.

Therefore, a event system is proposed which is handling seemingly randomized event to balance the strength of different players. Speciffically, when a player leading on any aspect, he may be more likely to suffer from some disasters and vice versa.

Events for Balancing on Steam


This mod is derived fromĀ Sukritact’s Events and Decisions. I use his event engine but rewrite my own events in CoreEvents.lua using LUA and XML (features of Faith asks for additional DLC, which is not applied in this mod now).

Design documents for this mod

Screenshots for my mod:

Long for exploration
Long for exploration
Wonders maintaining
Wonders maintaining



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