PlayHard starts from the idea and trend that using a game to critic video games. PlayHard reflects a daily life cycle: work, go back home, play games, sleep. It aims to create a feeling of boring and repeating. Work and play are represented by two different mini games, using several attributions to connect them. It enjoys the following unique features:

· two mini games embedded in one simulation game
· use two buttons in two different ways
· the supervision gameplay
· tired effect
· two different endings

Play PlayHard Here

Rank (in 1232 games)

#138 Humor 3.27/5
#161 Innovation 3.71/5
#247 Graphics 3.57/5
#255 Overall 3.54/5
#307 Mood 3.23/5
#331 Theme 3.91/5
#362 Fun 3.31/5
#427 Audio 2.74/5